I’m Liana.  That’s Leann with and extra “uh” at the end.  Don’t worry, most people say it wrong the first time, so I’m pretty used to it.

I’m 27 and married to a wonderful man who is an internet guru, his name is Darrin.  Together we live in our early 1900s home in the small town of Piqua, Ohio.  We have a daughter who we absolutely love and adore, her name is Harper and I will write a lot about her and what it’s like to be her mom.  We also have a very active adopted son.  He’s our family dog, and make no mistake, he’s our fur baby and we love him like our kid- he is after all our first born.  His name is Link and he loves us more than anything.  We aren’t sure exactly what his breed mixture is, but he’s got some fox terrier and German Shepard in his lineage.  You’ll read about him later too.

While I’m new to being a mom, there are many other things that I write about often that I’m not so new to.  For starters, I’ve been Type 1 diabetic since the age of 9.  I’ve been through many things with diabetes and I will honestly say that pregnancy was the hardest of them.  I will never say I’m the best controlled or an absolute expert- but I do pretty well.

Having diabetes made me grow up a little fast than most, it also gave me a career path.  I’ve been a nurse since 2011.  I earned my Associates in Applied Science in Registered Nursing at Edison Community College and my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Ohio University.  Don’t ask me what I loved most about OU or anything else about it- I never actually set foot on campus and did everything online.  Thank goodness for the internet.

I’m a Piqua gal born and raised.  I am the nurse for the Junior High and High school in town and am also the Varsity Volleyball coach. While I can’t talk a lot about my days at work, there are definitely some life lessons that I come across. I love what I do and I love that I can be a nurse and have the flexibility to coach.  I also coach in the off season for a club team and have a lot of fun with it.

While I’m pretty complex and do a lot of things, this is only a sampling of “me.”  I hope you get some laughs out of my crazy little life and what I like to call “Life Lessons by Liana” but more importantly, I hope you can relate because after all, aren’t we all just winging it?