Product Review: DryPro Water Proof Cast Cover

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So if you follow the blog, you know I had major reconstructive surgery on my foot and ankle last winter.  It’s been a little over a year and here we are, walking better, less pain, and no more hole in the top of my foot.  During that whole process though, I found (by recommendation from a co-worker) a game changing product that helped me survive, the DryPro Waterproof Vacuum Sealed Cast Cover!

Having the surgery in the winter and not having to worry too much about waterproofing was great and part of why we did it in the winter.  I only needed a light shower cover and didn’t have to worry about swimming or being at the lake… Until I still had a hole in my foot months later.

When I got my final cast off I was originally allowed to get my foot wet, but that didn’t last long.  We were scheduled to go to Great Wolf Lodge over Spring Break and I was still on one crutch and couldn’t walk at all without a shoe.  So a co-worker suggested the cast cover he used when he had a similar surgery and allowed me to borrow his to see if it would work out (thanks Kurt!).

So here I was using a silly cast cover and walking on one crutch through Great Wolf and I didn’t even have a cast on.  The best part about that whole situation was that no one said a word to me. Not one person who worked there or was a visitor thought it was weird at all.  Totally normal. The only thing I got was from a lifeguard that asked if I beat the shark while walking in the wave pool. I told him yes, obviously, and kept walking along behind my toddler who was having the time of her life!

So after this experience I decided to purchase my own knowing this was going to be my new normal come pool and lake season.  I ordered a smaller version as I didn’t have to get it up over a cast. When I say I used the heck out of this thing, I’m not exaggerating.  This dude made it through 4 months of hard use. It was in my grandparents’ pool an uncountable number of times between May and September. It was in the lake (Norris) for hours on end, all day even, for several lake trips.  It was in the pool at Indian Lake State Park and the lake all in the same day. It also took a lot of sunshine.

Usually I would wear a shoe of some sort with it, mostly because it was easier to walk but also it helped keep pressure off of my pressure ulcer.  

When I say this thing works, I mean it keeps your leg/cast/shoe/arm/hand, whatever you’re using it for, bone dry.  Sweaty when it’s hot out, yes, but dry from whatever water you’re in! If I could rate it a 12/10 I would. That’s how great it is and how great it treated me.  They make them for full leg and half leg casts, and arms. They also make them in various sizes including kids sizes. The most important part is that it fits fairly tight around your arm or leg above the cast to create a nice seal.  There’s a small hand pump that helps pull all of the air out and will pull ALL of the air out. To the point where you could count my shoelaces. To take it off all you do is pull the top area above the cast and let air back in. Stretch it over and pull it off.

This was such a life saver on so many levels.  I was able to swim with Harper. Vacation almost completely normal (I still can’t ski or do any water sports but that’s just because I’m still weak).  If I’m ever in a cast for any reason or my kids should be- we’ll be busting out the old DryPro (or buying whatever one is needed).

If you need one- check out Amazon, they’re usually Prime eligible!

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