The Desert

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So we last left off in California- and we are headed East.  We stopped briefly (for lunch) in Vegas and drove across the Hoover Dam and the Pat Tillman Bridge.  It was so hot, we didn’t stick around for long. So we kept pressing East toward the Grand Canyon.

Our home for the night outside of the Grand Canyon

We stopped at a KOA right outside of the Grand Canyon for the night (and made a fantastic chick pot pie in the dutch oven for dinner) and started early the next morning.  This is where we again learned not to take the tourist buses. When it’s 115 degrees and you’re around other cultures that don’t shower as often as your’s- the buses smell bad.  Really bad. Like a deep fried armpit rolled in sauerkraut and curry. You’re welcome for that sensory overload.

So we found a stop with a little hike and started our descent into the Canyon.  As we are walking down this path people sound like they’re dying talking about this path.  People of all walks of life. Picture Darrin and I- not your most experienced hikers. So we hiked for a while and then went back up before reaching the bottom.

The Grand Canyon is just so vast.  It almost looks like a never ending hole.  The northern rim is more green while the southern rim is more desert colors of tans and reds.  It is breathtaking. I’m sure there is so much to do there that we did not take advantage of- hiking, riding donkeys or horses, ATV tours, and even river rides.  We weren’t in the market to stay long, we just wanted to see it.


               A small taste of the giant chicken pot pie we made.

So we left the Grand Canyon and headed toward Bryce Canyon.  We made it to a little town in Utah called Panguitch. There was a nice KOA there close to a local grocery store that had a butcher.  We bought a couple of groceries, steaks, and firewood and headed to camp. We had a FANTASTIC dinner. Cheesey, bacon fried potatoes, steak, and stewed tomatoes.  We even took a little dip in the pool before it closed.

The next morning we headed to Bryce Canyon and we were not disappointed.  I truly think that Bryce Canyon is visually more appealing than the Grand Canyon.  While the Grand Canyon is literally just a giant hole in the ground, Bryce Canyon appears to come up out of the ground.  These weird looking towers are actually called VooDoos. Even the colors here were more vibrant.

We mostly drive Bryce, got out and checked out some peaks but didn’t do too much hiking.  I think we were both very tired at this point. Once we left Bryce we headed toward Colorado and the all too familiar I-70.

We drove through some of Colorado and found a brand new KOA to stop at.  My only complaint here was that there was a bird that kept waking us up throughout the night.  To the point where we both slept with earplugs. THAT BAD. We also found some local shops to visit and ate at a New York style pizza joint.  You can’t go wrong there!

This concludes the Desert portion of our trip, we’ll pick up in Colorado and finish the trip next time!  Thanks for reading!

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