Life Lesson #9: The Power of Positive Thinking

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Red, Purple, Navy, and now an Orange case. I told them I wanted the brightest color they had this time!

So it has been a long winter.  I had surgery on my foot/ankle at the beginning of December and have been in a cast and on crutches for 10 weeks at this point.  2 more left before we go into a boot and then physical therapy.

One thing after another keeps happening.  Either with me, Darrin or Harper over the last 10 weeks.  We can’t seem to catch a break.  I know this is temporary, but man does it feel like the longest winter ever.  

Recap: Surgery on a Thursday, furnace goes out and Darrin falls on the ice hurting his wrist on Sunday.  I end up in the ER on Monday for fluids.  Following week, my cast has to be cut off and they find a pressure blister. Week of Christmas, Darrin injures his finger. First week of the year, find out my staple has squeezed together in rare turn of events.  Second week of the year, both Darrin and I end up with the stomach virus.  The following week, Darrin falls on the ice again and injures his back.  Harper brings home the death cold that isn’t the flu but sure as heck feels like it.  Darrin and I both end up with said cold (mine turned into a sinus infection and bronchitis).  I think that about covers it, but that’s just us- keep in mind we know other people who are going through much more difficult and complex struggles.

Typically, I’m a very positive person.  It’s just part of my personality.  I don’t have to try very hard to find the “silver lining” not just in my own life- but for others as well.  I firmly believe that you’re generally happier and healthier if you take the positive road in most any situation.  This can be difficult sometimes, don’t get me wrong.

So since I had surgery, I’ve REALLY struggled with this.  I just really haven’t been “me.”  I was full of self pity.  Negative about everything.  And sorry, but just bitchy and depressive.  It took me about 8 weeks of feeling and acting like this before I truly realized what was going on.  That’s about how long it took to not have pain for the most part as well- not being in pain helped me realize how I was acting otherwise.

I decided I was going to wake up every morning and be positive about everything in my control.  This is a weird feeling for me because I don’t typically have to remind myself to do so.


WOW.  What a difference.  I’m still in a cast, and I’m starting to feel like “me” again already.  My shoulders are relaxed.  My brow isn’t furrowed.  There’s a little pep in my “step.”  And I’m laughing more.  Laughter literally is the best medicine.  


What’s the life lesson?

  1. Your current situation might suck, but that doesn’t mean your life does.
  2. Being positive or having a positive outlook at least one time a day (or one more time a day) leads to an overall more positive, and better, day.
  3. There’s so much negativity and bad ugly stuff in the world, why not be a bright light for a few minutes?
  4. Just because you feel bad- in pain or sick, doesn’t mean you get to be a dick to everyone else (sorry, everyone).
  5. Asking for help and being dependent isn’t a bad thing.  You can’t do EVERYTHING for yourself all the time.  Just be sure to thank those who do help you every once in a while (thanks fam).
  6. Stay tuned for a how to blog about being on crutches and having a toddler!


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