Product Review: The OmniPod

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Diabetes is something that some people would tell you is very much part of my identity.  I go back and forth.  I could definitely talk about diabetes until I’m blue in the face.  It’s a complex disease with many in’s and out’s.  But do I really want it to define me?  Not so much.  But I also can’t deny that is a very large part of who I am.

Over the last 19 years there have been so many advances in technology it nearly makes your head spin.  It also makes you think “how did we survive without this?”

So all that being said, what product do I find the best (for me)?  Hands down it’s the OmniPod insulin pump by Insulet.  OmniPod is the first of its kind.  It’s tubeless which makes life so much easier.  

I don’t have to worry about catching tubing on anything, like cabinet knobs.  I don’t have to worry about it falling off the bed while I’m getting dressed.  And most importantly, I can swim and shower freely.  

Why is all of this so important you ask?  Well, getting tubing caught or having your pump fall off the bed while it’s still connected to you often leads to a painful site being ripped out.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve bumped and pulled out my OmniPod sites before, but it is far less common.  As far as showering freely?  Well it is rather nice being able to leave the pump on while you’re bathing/grooming.  Ask anyone who wears a traditional pump and they’ll tell you that after a shower they’ve forgotten to reconnect their pump.  I know I have done that while wearing a traditional pump.

But here’s the thing about swimming.  When I say I’m in the water- I mean I’m in the water ALL day.  When we are on the boat it is an all day affair, same as the pool.  Now, I do get out of the water from time to time but if I had to disconnect my pump every time I got in the water (as you do with traditional pumps) I would have serious blood sugar fluctuation.  You see food, insulin, and exercise are all a delayed effect.

This is the back of my arm, I tend to tan well in the summer months so it is not uncommon for me to have OmniPod tan lines all over the place.

That being said think about taking a pump off for an hour at a time on and off all day long.  By the time you get back home typically your blood sugar is running higher than it should because you haven’t had your normal amount of insulin for the day.  By having my normal (or a little less if I’m really active, or more if I’m really drinking) amount of insulin all day I do not see this spike or fluctuation that I would if I had to disconnect.   

The advantages to being tubeless just continue to pile up.  Think about wearing a dress.  Know what to do with a pump that is connected to you by tube?  Yeah, you have to get pretty creative sometimes.  Tucked between the boobs or strapped to the leg are two very popular solutions.  Know what I do?  Look at how the dress fits and place it where it is least likely to be seen (usually my upper/outter thigh).  Ever wonder what your diabetic friend does with their pump during sex?  We know you’ve thought about it.  Traditional pump wearers have to disconnect.  There’s too much risk to pull it out (no pun intended) if you leave it connected.  OmniPod wearers only need to be aware of where their pump is so as not to rip it out.  I won’t lie and say ripping a pod off during sex isn’t possible, it is, but less likely than leaving a traditional pump connected!

What else is there to think about?  This is the best pump for the best situations- wardrobe, water, and sex.  What other options are there to think about?

Well I guess maybe the interface and how it works.  I still give it a high rating.  It is very user friendly and tells you exactly how to use it and do what you need to do.  Obviously those of us who use it regularly are more familiar with it, but anyone can do it- I promise.  I also give it a high rating because it has a built in glucose monitor.  Not just any glucose monitor- a Freestyle monitor.  Which is also my favorite monitor that I’ve ever used.

Keep in mind everyone has their own personal preference and as far as technology goes, aside from being tubless it doesn’t offer much.  There are pumps on the market that already have things like a built in continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and have other insulin giving abilities.  But you can’t apparently have your cake and eat it too (here I go with the puns again) when it comes to pumps- YET.  OmniPod promises to deliver a connected CGM interface in the near future.  Fingers crossed it happens soon!

All in all, if you’re thinking about a pump for the first time, or switching things up a bit- OmniPod should definitely be in the running.  One of the unique things they offer are trial pods.  Basically this is a pod you wear on your body that doesn’t do anything.  It is just here to show you how it feels and if you’ll like it.  

Lucky for you that can be found here:


Don’t just trust me- try it for yourself… or if you’re just reading this because you’re one of my nice friends- don’t try it for yourself because I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

This is my friend Ali. She’s a camp counselor at Diabetes Camp. In this picture she is wearing several pumps for the kids who had to disconnect in order to play on the slip n slide- including her own pump. She enjoys wearing thousands of dollars in accessories! Sorry fellas, she prefers diamonds over electronics in case you were wondering!

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