Ohio through South Dakota

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So you’ve probably already read the introduction to our honeymoon.  If that’s the case, here is the first story on the first few days we were on the road.

This was such a random lunch stop on Monday. No idea where we were or what the place was called. A literal hole in the wall with GREAT Mexican food. This was Darrin’s first experience with Tacos el Pastor.

We left home on Monday morning.  I can’t tell you exactly what road we decided to take because we just decided to drive and not look back for a while.  We headed through Indiana, which isn’t much of a surprise or much to talk about.  We’d both been in the state before, so no big deal.

We hit Illinois and headed into Chicago.  That, was our first mistake.  We had planned to stop and find a hot spot to grab pizza but the weather and traffic had other plans for us.  It started randomly pouring down rain which apparently stops traffic there, because driving through rain is soooooo hard (she says dripping with sarcasm).  Once we really got through there we remembered it was also a night when the NHL finals were being played in Chicago.  The Black-hawks were ruining our plan as well at this point.

Not to mention WHY ARE THERE SO MANY TOLLS THERE?!  There are more toll booths around Chicago than all the other 13 states we were in on this trip combined.  That’s stupid.  And clearly unnecessary.  (Insert joke about needing a “shit load of dimes” here)

Our plan was also to camp in the Dells that evening.  We didn’t make it that far.  So we stopped in Madison, Wisconsin.  

Darrin was excited to go into downtown Madison.  He had been there once before in college when Bowling Green played Wisconsin.  He experienced a rockin’ party.  So naturally he thought we’d be in for the same type of night…….. This is where you remember it’s a Monday night in June……….

Oddly enough there was something going on in town, just nothing we were interested in and there was only one hotel for use to stay in at that point.  We ended up ordering local pizza to our room and sleeping hard.  

The next morning we woke up to see how beautiful Madison really is.  The state house was breathtaking.  You can tell there was a lot of thought put into the structure and small details.  I will admit setting it near the lake helps quite a bit!  If you’re ever in Madison, check it out!  This is also the point where I finally let go of the fact that we could have stayed right off the interstate cheaper and more efficiently.  Seriously, downtown Madison is the pretty.

We left Madison and finished driving through Wisconsin into Minnesota.  Minnesota was super uneventful, that’s for sure.  Somehow we ended up in a town with a Walmart where we stopped to buy a few things we found that we had forgotten to pack (mainly pillows- that is something you need if you’re tent camping for sure).  We also happened to need to eat so we started looking for something good.  Boy did we find it!

We ended up at a joint called “The Lost Cajun.”  That’s right, a Cajun restaurant in (Rochester) Minnesota.  Who would have thought it.  But it was there!  The service was absolutely wonderful.  The place wasn’t crowded so our server spent some time talking to us and asking what brought us in.  She had the cook make up some heart shaped beignets which were out of this world awesome!  Unfortunately, I don’t know if this location is open any longer as I can’t find them online.  If you ever run across one of these restaurants- stop in, you won’t be disappointed!

     Lunch at the Lost Cajun was fantastic. Lots of catfish on that table.


         Such a lovely dessert for a honeymoon. 🙂


Nailed it!

When we left there our aim for the day was to finish Minnesota and make it most of the way through South Dakota to Rapid City.  We accomplished that goal, even though it was dark the KOA was still open.  We set up our tent, inflated the air mattress, started a fire, and cooked up some hot dogs. At this point we had be married for about 3 full days.  At that point I knew we’d be married forever because if you can set up a whole camp site in the dark together and both wake up alive the next morning- you can do anything!

The next morning we were able to pack up and shower before it started raining, someone was looking out for us on that one!

Stay tuned for the next few days!

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