Travel: An Introduction to Our Honeymoon

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As you can imagine when Darrin and I got married we went on a honeymoon just as most newly weds do.  We discussed what we wanted to do at length.  I knew that Darrin could not sit still at some resort for a week, I also knew I wanted to do something different too.  Darrin brought several ideas and adventures to the table when we talked about it.

We finally decided that we were going to take an adventure instead of a vacation.  We spent 2 weeks traveling across the country in my parents Suburban.  Stopping several times along the way and exploring our surroundings.  We spent most of those 2 weeks in our 4 person tent at KOA camp grounds.  

Along the way we took a ton of photos and videos.  Through my blog, I hope to show you all a glimpse of what our country and some of its National Parks look like.  We did very little planning and decided to see where the road took us.  There were some things along the way where we decided there should have been a bit more planning, but overall playing it by ear really worked out.

As you can imagine since we stayed mostly in campgrounds, we did a lot of our own cooking as well.  Sometimes traveling across the country led us to some really great restaurants.  It also led us to fresh foods to cook with over the campfire as well as some of the things we had packed to use.  We were used to being able to cook over the fire as we both love being outside in the fall next to a bonfire.  This took us to a whole new level!

As a preview I’ll fill you in now on some of the things you can look forward to reading about:

We left Ohio on a Monday and headed west.  Our original plan was to camp in the Dells of Wisconsin on our first night out.  Traffic had other plans.  We hit some really bad traffic in Chicago and didn’t make it as far as we had hoped.  We ended up staying in downtown Madison, WI and traveling the next day all the way to Rapid City, South Dakota.  We spent the next couple of days in South Dakota and Wyoming.  

Our longest day of travel was when we left Jackson Hole, WY and made it all 13 hours across Idaho and Nevada into Davis, California.  Why Davis?  It is just outside of Sacramento and I have a cousin who lives there.  We spent a couple of days with her and her husband and little girl.  When we left there we headed toward the Grand Canyon by way of Yosemite National Park.

We headed into Utah, Colorado, and came home through Kansas and Missouri.  I have an Uncle who lives outside of St. Louis in O’Fallon, IL.  We spent our last 2 nights with them and came home on Monday evening.  That rounded out 6,000 miles of driving and seeing 15 total states (including Ohio).

It was a once in a lifetime trip, even though we would love to do something like it with our kids one day nothing will be the same.  Hopefully you’ll be able to one day see a large part of our country.  There really are some awesome things to see, both natural and man made.  While we didn’t see them all, I’m sure, we saw a lot and can’t wait to share it with you too!

Look forward to reading about:

: Packing, list making, cooking, where to go, and product reviews

National Parks/Monuments/Other Fun Stops: Mount Rushmore, Deadwood, Devils Tower, Cody, Yellowstone/Grand Tetons/Jackson Hole, Davis, Wine Country, San Francisco, Yosemite, The Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, The St. Louis Arch.

Great eats: Campfire Cooking, Great restaurants

Besides this one totally awesome vacation, we spend a lot of time in Tennessee.  Mostly on Norris Lake but also in Knoxville and Gatlinburg.  Look for several stories and information about those places and trips as well!   


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